Saturday, September 08, 2007

What I've been reading these days

The weekend is finally here, and with it comes all the chores my wife has saved up for me, but, my mother in law came to the rescue and took Monkey with her, so now it's me and the girls, and of course, Mo the cat. Martha is hosting a "Candle Party" (shiver) today and I have about half a day of total freedom...wooo hooo!!

So, I am going to finish that book about the History of Ft. Lauderdale, a quick paperback that has it's own history...(pun intended). You see, my old man used to work for the the Historical Society of Ft. Lauderdale, and I got this book at one of their events at the old downtown next to Riverside FLL. So I got a signed copy, I bought it for the old pictures, not the articles, back in the day this place was nothing but a swamp. Now the only wildlife you will see in here will be lawyers, strippers and crazy college students. Anyway, it turns out that the history of FLL is actually kind of interesting.

I plan on going to the beach tomorrow, and I am a taking a library copy of James Joyce's A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man, it's one of those book the keeps on getting mentioned in other people's top list. The article in wikipedia said it was among the most important works in the English language, I read the first forty pages and so far the fireworks have not gone off. But, I'm going to give it another chance tomorrow.

I the technical land I have Scott Meyer's Effective C++ and I'm reading an online book called "The Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing" I never took DSP in school and now I am dealing with it all the time at work, there's one issue we are seeing that requires some DSP knowledge to solve, I am trying to fix the issue on my own, realistically speaking, I could have just thrown my hand up and said that I am not a DSP Engineer, but, I think it's a very interesting area of study, so I plan on brushing up and maybe take a few courses on it. And as for the little problem I'll let you know if we fixed the issue. There are a lot of things on the web that cover this topic extensively.

Since we are on the subject of the web, I found a funny website, it has bunch of funny stuff...for when there's absolutely nothing better to do, or when you are waiting for your code to compile at work...actually I take that back, some of these videos are definitely NSFW.

So, that's all folks. Until the next one. Be good to each other.


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