Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pictures from Last Sunday

I think I have found a new Desktop background Pic. Anthony is growing so fast. He understands it when we speak to him, but he doesn't speak back yet, he gives two-syllable answers that could be interpreted as talking...but he's not having conversations yet, that's ok, he's not even 20 months old yet, so he's doing just fine. The funny thing is, this guy has a well defined personality. To me is incredible how early and how fast kids learn.

The Beach in Marco Island was awesome, we had a good time until Monkey got tired and wouldn't take a nap at the beach, so at 4:00PM we had to go. It was nice while it lasted.

Books I'm reading

I want to read these books at least two times each. I want to understand every sentence and for the last two apply its knowledge, they represent some of my biggest passion in life, I've always been fascinated with man's search for the truth, I am slowly building my understanding of this world by studying the minds of great men that were in this quest. Minds that were infinitely greater than mine, Giants whose shoulder I am struggling to climb on.

Today I am reading Nietzsche. I got started this morning and I am already in Love,
I was hooked as soon as I started reading. Just take a look at this small fragment found in only the second page.

"...The errors of great man are venerable because they are more fruitful
than the truth of little men..."

Holy crap, I can't describe how I felt when I read this, I had to put the book down and ponder on this for a minute or two, how true this is. Reading Nietzsche is giving me pure delight, is like riding a mental roller coaster.

Code Complete

I want to be the best Software Engineer that I can possibly become, which means to learn the methods and Techniques for software construction, these things one cannot learn by reading alone. You have to do it. I see my programming skills growing at my job and I am very happy about it. Knowing how to program is just a small part of making it in the Corporate world, that's why there are many great programmers that get fired while mediocre programmers get promoted. Software Construction is about people, and technology. You have to master both, people are harder to figure out, but technology is a perishable skill, I strive to never stop learning, and there's enough stuff out there to learn.


I've always been interested about how things work. Specially airplanes, and cars, to me machines are as amazing as computers. Engines are where we engineers get our names from, and reading this book has awaken an interest about what's going on under the hood of my car. The thing that's more amazing to me, is that I can understand it! I thought that I wasn't mechanically inclined, but it's only because I have not tried it. I can see cars as a serious hobby in my near future, all I need is a new set of tools....I don't know, maybe my birthday, or father's day?

Just a thought.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut is dead

I'm sad, I liked his books.


Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yesterday we went to the Naples Zoo.

Then we went to eat by the pier.

After that we walked around.

So that was yesterday. Let's see how it goes today. We are sharing a room with my cousin her husband and their kid, who is three weeks younger than Anthony. We are supposed to go to the beach. But, when we travel in big packs like this, there's no telling in what will happen next.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend plans

Yesterday went to the Marlins game, Man they took a beating from the Phillies. But it was a perfect night for baseball.

Right now we are about to take off for Naples.

More Later. I'll take my laptop.

The plan is to spend all Sunday at the beach. We'll see how that goes.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I got this email today:


Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 23:29:55 +0200
>Dear Friend,
>I am Alan Burnet, The credit manager of Hsbc Bank Uk. I have a proposal to discuss with you, concerning an abandoned fixed deposit account valued $24.6 Million dollars.
>The owner died without a next of kin. I am contacting you now to have you presented as the next of kin since you bear the same surname with the account holder.
>After we have secured the funds into your account, I intend to share with you 35% for you and 50% for me, 5% set aside for expenses while the balance 10% will be donated to Orphanage.
>After the sharing, you will assist me invest me own share in Real Estate, under your supervising.
>Please contact me if this interest you and I will provide you with more details.
>Thank you.
>Alan Burnet

To which I replied:

Wow!!! no way dude! I'm rich! Wooohoooooo!!!!!

Sure, man, I'll do whatever you want. oh my God, just let me know what information you want!

I wonder who actually falls for these things, apparently a lot of people do, since they would have stopped doing this otherwise.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Play Ball!

Baseball season has started. May the best team (the Marlins) win!

Later today Florida will beat Ohio state. I will watch for my amusement.


Crazy like always. I can't keep up in this blog, with so many things going on.
This weekend we went to the beach, for the first time this year. This means that the summer has arrived, along with baseball, longer days and pretty soon, afternoon showers. For those of you not familiar with South Florida weather, please know that the months to come visit are October through March, the weather is nice and mild. The hot months, well, it pretty much rains everyday. Which makes going to the baseball game an act only for the true faithful fans. All 17 of them.

So that's what I've been up to lately.