Tuesday, June 28, 2005

About two years ago, as I was walking around on a base in Habbaniya, Iraq (about 25 miles west of Fallujah) I came upon this headstone of a British soldier in World War II. It belonged to a soldier from the 1st Battalion of the Kings Own Royal Regiment(Lancaster). I thought of how he's here forgotten, How many people know that the Brittish fought in Iraq in WWII? I thought about his family, how they must have waited for his return, I wondered how did he die? What was he thinking at that moment? How did his folks hear about it? At that moment I promised myself and that soldier that I will keep his memory alive. Iraq is the place that thought me about humanity. I have seen the best and the worst of the human spectrum. Honest good people doing horrible things, and no-good people doing heroic things. this blog is dedicated to those of us that fought there. May they not be forgotten like this soldier from the King's Own.

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