Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am a new intern at IBM now, I have tried to put the war behind me as much as I can. the purpose of this blog is to have a way to keep all my friends up to date about my life now that I live in Minnesota. And hopefully to make a few new ones. I have had the pleasure to have met many different types of people throughout my life.I try to learn from the people I like and dislike. And I am always looking for a way to improve myself. To make myself a better human being. Please feel free to write down your thoughts on this blog. All open minds are welcome.
Currently I am reading the latest book by Paulo Coelho. El Zahir, it is about a writer that sounds suspiciously like him, (same acomplishments and types of books) which his wife of ten years suddenly disappears with a male friend Mikhail, she basically left him without saying a word or without any type of warning. I have not finished reading it yet, but the character goes through a lot of Soul Searching which makes him discover a lot of interesting things. I recomend it. Don't read if your wife just left you, as it may deppress you even more.

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