Friday, August 12, 2005

Good Book of the Week:

Just picked up a book titled The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell by John Crawford.

It was written by John Crawford who was newly married and two credits away from completing a B.A. in anthropology at Florida State University when he was sent to Iraq with the Florida National Guard. Sound familiar? It did to me. That's why I picked it up. Even though I never met the author I wanted to see what another guy from my old Unit had to say. Needless to say I was hooked since the first paragraph. I must say Aco 3-124th had it a little tougher than Bc0 1-124th, but we went through basically the same ordeal in Iraq. As National Guardsman we were handed the dirty end of the stick.

"We crossed the berm the same day as the Army's Third Infantry Division, leading the invasion of Iraq. When the Third Division was sent home, our National Guard Unit was passed around the armed forces like a virus: the 108 Airborne, First Marine Expeditionary Unit, 101st Airborne, and finally first Armored Division. They were all sent home, heroes of the war. Meanwhile, my unit stayed on, my soul rotting, our unit outlasted by no one in our tenure there"

I know the feeling brother. Our battalion suffered the same fate, first it was the 3rd Armored Calvary, Then it was the First Infantry Division, and then the 82nd Airborne. After we left, a whole Marine Corp battalion (2/4) took over where our three understrenght rifle companies left off.

I have not finished reading it. Since i bought it about 3o minutes ago. But the first couple of chapters look promising.


Anonymous said...

Jose Ali no estes dando tanta informacion confidencial de la situacion en Irak; eso puede traerte problemas con el ARMY.

Jose said...

No se preocupe por eso. La informacion dada no tiene clasificacion militar ni tiene ninguna importancia logistica. Son nada mas los nombres de la unidades en que estaba. Eso fue hace mas de 24 meses. asi que no me metera en problemas...que yo sepa.