Friday, January 13, 2006

FL GUARD Painting in the Pentagon

I will not believe this until I see it with my own very eyes, and even then I will still be skeptical, but the mighty powers that live in our nation's capital in their infinite wisdom, are thinking about hanging this painting depicting soldiers of the 1st Battalion 124th Infantry doing a raid in Ramadi, Anmbar providence, Sunni Triangle, Iraq, APO AE the halls of the Pentagon! Now, I don't believe it yet. Why would they care about the Florida Guard? In the Army it's all about the Rangers, the 82nd Airborne, the 101st, the green berets, etc. etc. We were just a bunch of part timers that got called up, it's amazing how we did it. Average guys that made the best of what we had. I am proud of you, 1/124th.

I like this painting, even though it makes me feel very old, like all of that happened 60 years ago instead of just three. I have almost forgotten Iraq.

Except in my dreams.

But those don't even visit me anymore, I have not had any Iraqi dreams in a long time, ever since before I watched the movie Jarhead. This is good, I suppose.

By the way I added "Top 5 Most Frightening Moments of my life" to the list of favorite posts up in the upper right hand corner. I looking back is funny how scared I got right before Anthony came to this world. Fear is how we react to what we don't know or don't want to know, it just caused by ignorance, information is the cure for it, that and plain old guts I guess, if anyone has that one figured out please send me a message because I'd love to know. Until then I will just play it by ear and live every day the best I can.



*editer later:

If you wish to read more about the 1/124th read this article by Newsweek magazine published Nov 2003, a picture of my ugly mug is there,( my five minutes of fame) I got a lot of flak for having that picture in there, all because I wrote that I loved my wife on my helmet.
Disclaimer: I was in Bravo Company but not in the Ghost Squad, and I was not the first or only one to write on my helmet, the Puerto Ricans started it.

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