Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yummy Brain Gravy

I added Michael's blog to my list of good blogs because, um, I think it's a good blog. I meant to do this a while back, but always forgot to get to it. I seem to be doing other stuff lately, like working and studying and all that crazy stuff that grown-ups are supposed to do these days.

If you cared to know

I went to a Florida Panther's hockey game last night, Thanks to the Bank I used to work for (BankAtlantic) I got some awesome seats, Thank you John!! Couple of things I noticed:

1. The NHL has changed, Columbus Blue Jackets? What the hell? Columbus? is that in OHIO?
2. New rules, there are no ties anymore, there is a shootout if no teams score after a 5 minute overtime.
3. The Office Depot Arena is now the BankAtlantic center, which is cool, ever since I stopped working for them they seem to be doing good, Coincidence?
4. The away team wears white jerseys, boy that was confusing.
5. If you own a Lexus you park for free, if you have a account at BankAtlantic you get free tickets if you wear red on Fridays (or something like that)

I was a good game, we were eight rows back behind the goal keeper, (or whatever they call it in hockey), If Jay Bouwmeester's slap shot hadn't hit Nathan Horton's stick and gone in with 46.9 seconds left in the third period, they would have gotten nothing against Columbus, the NHL's second-worst team.
Horton's goal forced overtime, where the Panthers lost to the Blue Jackets 5-4 on David Vyborny's goal with 12 seconds left. The Panthers, who started the game five points out of the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, had won eight of their previous 10 at BankAtlantic Center.


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