Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ok, here they come!

So, after more than 10 interviews with about 7 companies, I now have two good job offers, I still have one more interview next week and that should wrap it up. I have to make a tough decision, probably one of the most influential in my life. Joining the Marines was an easy choice for me because I did not think there were other options for me, ditto with joining the reserves, I got rejected to my first school of choice so choosing FAU was a no-brainer since it's the closest one to home. But this is a bit different, I want to make the best decision possible, but at the end I know that no matter where I choose to go I am going to regret not choosing the other ones.

It comes down to a Big Aerospace and Defense company in the Northeast, with a great benefits package in a low cost of living area and the biggest engineering company here is South Florida, they are both good jobs, they pay pretty good, they have good packages, in the Aerospace job I would be doing something extremely cool, interesting, challenging and classified. The job here is just as challenging but I don't see it as interesting as the other one, but it's here, I wouldn't have to move and deal with all the stress and I get to stay with my family. The job here pays a bit more but the cost of living here is higher.

At the end I know I can do well in either one, but I hate to say no to good job.

Ok, enough about that, I am here at home, I got to study for a test on Monday, other than that, life is good.


Loralee Choate said...

That is a really big decision. Family is important, but so is job satisfaction. My hubby and I are in the same sort of thing right now. We have a bunch of stability, but there is another offer out there that would be much more challenging and interesting for him.

I told him to go with his gut, that I would support him but that in the end, if he is happier with his job, we will all be happier with him.

The good thing is that either way we will be ok and it sounds like the same can be said for you as well.

Keep us updated!

P.S. Would it be ok if I included you in my Veterans Day project I'm doing for my dad? It's cool to refuse, but I wanted to make sure to ask.

Jose said...

Hi Loralee,

Sure, it's cool, for you.. anything!

Loralee Choate said...

AWE, THANKS! I will be really glad to have people currently serving. If you know anyone else you'd like to include please do!

You rock.

Gina said...

Decisions, Decisions..... Good luck!!!!

Gina said...

hey, so... any pictures of monkey in his costume??? i'm dying to see him!!! de k se disfraso???