Friday, November 17, 2006


A friend of mine somehow someway managed to get a wii before its release date, I just got back from playing raving rabbits. Oh man, it was good. Sorry Froyd.

The same friend, also has a PS3 but he got it just to get it, he was debating on selling it on ebay or playing it, I talked him into playing, I must say, I am disappointed in the lack of user-friendliness, the GUI is counter-intuitive and the thing was taking forever to load.


Froyd said...

but the's totally sweet right? How's the controller? Easy to use?

I'm very very jealous.

Jose said...

The controller is awesome, I played baseball just by holding the controller as a bat, the motion sensor let me swing and hit the ball, the most realistic games was the bowling one, it was just like being in the lanes, it was a little hard to get used to controlling the menus and stuff with it, because you have to point to an item in the screen to select it, but overall I think it works pretty well.

Froyd said...