Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

So I am watching this documentary right now. And I can already point out a discrepancy.
There is a Biblical reference to Jesus' family tree. According to the documentary, Matthew Ch 1 refers to his paternal family line and Luke Ch 3 refers to his maternal one, problem is, the Bible actually refers to both of them as being the paternal side, which is a contradiction because the names don't match.

Here are the facts.

They find a tomb, they are sure it belongs to the first century A.D. the names inscribed are Jesus son of Joseph, Mary, and Jose the brother mentioned in the Gospel of Mark somewhere. Skeptics point out that these are all common names, believers point out that statistically speaking the odds that a family with names that match the family of Jesus, (A guy named Jesus with a Father named Joseph and mother named Mary, with a brother named Jose) seems too small to be a coincidence, therefore it is highly unlikely that it is a coincidence.

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They also claim to have found Mary Magdalene, but, the actual name written is Marieme, (not sure about the spelling) the same name in the Gospel of Philip, a Gospel that was excluded from the Bible by the Catholic church in the fourth century.
It seems that the odds of this tomb not being the Tomb of Jesus is one in six hundred according to the documentary.


Interesting fact, Christian tradition says that Saint Peter was cruxified upside down and buried in Rome, the exact location of his tomb being what is now called the Vatican, underneath St. Peter's Basilica, but, in a Franciscan Church in Jerusalem they found the real bones of St. Peter....


The Jesus in this tomb and the Marieme (Mary Magdaleme) do not share DNA so they are definitely not related, so, for them to be together in a family tomb, they were most likely married, this can explain why the Gnostic Gospels were not included in the Christian Bible, because according the Gospel of Judas and Philip, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were more than just friends.

There are some that think that Mary Magdalene went to France pregnant with Jesus' child, finding her body in Israel debunks that Myth.

My Opinion

It seems that this is strong evidence that this belonged to Jesus, but I don't know if you can be 100%, with these things, you cannot be, if anything, to me this gives the Bible a little more credibility.


Froyd said...

I think the entire thing is just kind of silly, but I am not sure I care one way or another.

Jose said...

Why is it silly? This relates directly to the beliefs of millions of people.

Is it silly to inquire about our past?

Froyd said...

No, it's silly the amount of drama that is being invested into a bunch of EMPTY boxes with names that were very common during that time.

ALl the questions about loss of faith, or the destruction of the Christian Church IF any of these claims are true, is silly doom-mongering that is kind of juvenile.

But what can you expect from the media?

Jose said...

I don't know if they were empty or not, but it's true that those names were common, but what's not common is to have just the right conbination of names to suggest this was the actual tomb.

Two things to add, for it to be an honest scientific account, it must list all the facts regardless whether it supports your theory or not, I think they are guilty of only showing the facts they want to show.

The second thing, I am not for one second worried about the Christian faith, Jesus himself could come down from heaven and tell the world to stop believing in him and he would be ignored. What I mean by that, is that faith is immune to reason and evidence by its very nature. No facts will ever get in the way of faith.

Jose said...

You know what, you were right in calling the whole thing silly, I stand corrected, I must admit that the film does not point out all the facts and it's just a publicity stunt. What convinced me?

The fact that he went to the media first instead of a peer-review of scientists and archeologists.

I saw this story in the Washington Posts.

Chris Rosebrough said...

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