Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finished Reading Code Complete!

If there was a book that every programmer must read, it's this one. I heard about it back in the day, I bought it 5 years ago, and I managed to finally finish it last night right around midnight. It took me a while because some parts were tedious, and because I wanted to take my time to absorb the content. This books talks all about the craft of software construction, everything from how to write requirements to how to lay out blank space...seriously! there's a great section about the pitfalls of using pointers, how to debug, but my favorite parts were the philosophical dialog about commenting that included what good Socrates would say if programming was around in ancient Athens. The part about programmer's character was also an splendid expose of what a good programmer must act like. It should be mandatory reading for everyone in the industry.

This link to stackoverflow shows the list of books that every programmer should read, not surprisingly it's a the top of the list.

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