Monday, September 26, 2005

Things are going great. He's doing really good so is his mother.

IBM has been really good to us. Thank you guys.

I have taken a lot of pictures, but I've noticed they are repetitive. He closes his eyes when the flash comes on. So it's really hard to get him with his eyes open, since when he's not sleeping he is eating or crying, there has been a few good moments, but I never have the camera near. I think that he is getting better looking by the hour. Last night he was up most of the night. I did my best to get some sleep, but I heard him. I am tired, but is not that bad. I should be back to my regular work schedule soon.

Life is good



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jose and Martha! Anthony has a full head of hair. I hope you are enjoying this precious life that you have been blessed with. Ross

Jose said...

Thanks Ross!