Sunday, October 30, 2005

Love makes no sense

My Son has kept me up the past couple of nights, well I help my wife out on the weekends since I don't have to go to work...Friday night he woke up at 3:30 and didn't go back to sleep, last night same thing, after spending time changing his diapers, feeding him, changing him, changing him again after I put on his diapers wrong and he peed all over himself, after burping him, and basically being deprived of sleep I feel that I love him more now than ever before, this morning when I took him I went to the living room so his Mom would get some sleep, he smiled at me! Like he knew that he was spending time with Papa so life is allright, it's all worth it, I don't know how, if anyone else on this planet made me lose my dear resting time, I'd wouldn't be saying how much I love that person, but I love my Son so much.

Wow, I guess sleep deprivation makes me all sappy, hmm, this is dangerous, I better stop before I start writing more emotional, sensitive stuff.



Fernando Olmos said...

nice blog!!!

Anonymous said... makes no sence, specially foryour own blood. I'm glad you're getting the joys of parenthood. you're a great Daddy brother.