Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's the matter with me?

I just don't blog anymore!

Please bear with me. To me this blog is like that old treadmill that sits in your house, you see it everyday knowing you should get on it. This is how I practice writing for that book that I will write someday....But, I don't like to write just about myself and my boring life, mostly because:

1) Nobody Cares
2) I feel uncomfortable sharing stuff about my job.
3) Nobody Cares
4) Personal stuff can always come back and get you.
5) Did I mention that nobody cares?

I don't think my life is boring. But I don't think I have the talent to narrate mundane events in a way that would make people want to read it.

I would like to write about the things i am passionate about, but, I am such a lazy bastard these days, by the time I get back from work I am so spent, I don't feel like taking the time to write on my blog. But, out of respect for the blogsphere, I will not quit. I will keep going, I will make the effort to bring you what I think is good.

So, you may ask...what are you passionate about? Well, I am glad you asked yourself that question my dear reader, because, I am about to tell you.

These are the things I like to talk about:

Software Engineering.

This is a fascinating subject, but, I don't feel qualified enough to write about this subject yet, I am too new and anything I write would be stolen from someone else. Plus...who else cares? (that reads this blog anyway)


I somehow manage to piss conservatives and liberals the same, they both think I belong to the opposite side, and they may be right, because I am neither of them...
anyway, this topic will make me a bunch of enemies, do I really want that?

So I don't know. I am having a blogger crisis.

What I'll do today, is, point you to some interesting things I saw on the internet today:

Some interesting things I saw on the internet Today

I read a pretty good debate between best-selling atheist Sam Harris and pro-religion blogger Andrew Sullivan, who, I might add, wrote me an email one day...(OMG!)

Also, today I learn where the term Cancer came from.

I read a great story today (after work, of course) The Last Question, by Isaac Asimov, the author of I, Robot. Great stuff!

So, that's all for now, I have 30 pages left on The Brother's Karamazov, so I want to finish that tonight.



Loralee Choate said...

Not being firmly planted on either side of the political fence can be really frustrating. I feel exactly the same way, but then, I usually end up agreeing with a lot of your opinions.

Everyone goes through the blogging blah's. As I got more readers I found that I don't post nearly the information I used to (Because I learned the hard way)

Still...I like most the stuff you right about. I don't understand the engineering stuff because I am a right-brained opera singer and former PTA President, but I admire that YOU understand it! ;)

Jose said...


You know what, you are the best blogger in the world, you actually manage to write an excellent blog and you actually read other people's blogs, how you do it? I have no idea.

Froyd said...

you'll have to post what you thought of B.K.

Unknown said...


its weird with so many people i know who graduated. I know even more who are graduating this semester :( I got a research assistant gig. I hope you are enjoying the real world job then you are showing. Damn i think i drank too much and was bored enough to read a blog... damn im a nerd.

Johnymepeino said...

Pues yo pienso que SI estás capacitado para escribir cuanto quieras y las personas que entramos a tu blog SI queremos leer lo que cuentas y en la manera que lo cuentas.

Arriba esa autoestima
Y no dejes de escribir
Tal vez escribiendo sea como recuperes la ilusión en hacerlo a tu modo.

Un blogabrazo

Michael said...

Been there several times with the feeling that the blog isn't doing what it once was. Mines always been on a bit of a morph, from news to political to just twisted and back again. Just write what you want when you want.