Friday, November 02, 2007


OK Computer (1997)
The Tourist

It barks at no-one else but me like it's seen a ghost
I guess it seen the sparks, a flowing no one else would know
Hey man slow down, slow down, idiot slow down, slow down

Sometimes I get overcharged that's when you see sparks
You ask me where the hell I'm going at thousand feet per second?
Hey man, slow down, slow down, idiot slow down, slow down

Hey man, slow down, slow down, idiot slow down, slow down

I wish I could explain how much I can relate to this song. I can't.

Just a random thought, do not read too much into it.

My Day

Today Anthony almost choked to death on a Halloween candy, Martha was at the store, he just got the damn thing stuck in his throat, I don't know, I just froze up when I saw it, he stuck his hand in his mouth and cleared it up, made himself throw up, and I was just sitting in there shocked, I gave him a bath, afterwards, (he managed to get puke all over himself), so I washed him off and 10 minutes later it's as if nothing had happened. It's amazing, how often do we have a brush with death? or tragedy? It's crazy how fast life can change, right now I could be mourning my child instead of sitting here blogging. But thank goodness he's fine.

Speaking of Anthony, he is growing up, he lives up to the "Terrible Twos" stereotype, but he cracks me up so much, with every new thing he says or does, he makes me laugh.
I need to be more strict with him, so far Martha is the authoritarian, but I'm noticing that he thinks he can get away with murder when he is around me, and that can't fly.

So that's my day, I went to work early, wrote some code, went to lunch with friends from work, then I worked some more, I get home to a nice dinner and then my son almost chokes to death, you know, just the usual. Oh, we watched a movie afterwards,
let me tell you what happened, we were watching Reign over me with Adam Sandler, it was kind of a strange movie, it was weird to see Adam Sandler playing a serious role, anyway, In the move Sandler has post-traumatic syndrome, I could not help myself, I started to think about the guys I went to Iraq with, how the war affected each and every one of us in some little way, some more than others, the whole thing makes me sad, so many of us come back all fucked up from that shit. How many of our guys are going to need help the rest of their lives? How many lives will never be the same? And for what? Damn, I wish this war would stop soon. Oh, so what happened you ask?
I was crying during the movie, yep, crying, now, I am not the crying type ok? But I could not help it! I kept telling Martha that no, I was not crying, but it must have been me releasing all the stress, it was that kind of day.

Ok, I think I am going to bed now, thanks for stopping by, be good to each other.


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