Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to school again

Well, it had to happen, my vacation days are over, and I'm back to school, after a year hiatus I felt the familiar pang of my first day of class, only that today, there was no long drive to campus, no hassle looking for a parking spot, no rush to get to class to get a good seat. I am a distance student at the University of Florida, the good ol' FLA Gators (which they sucked this year in football btw...lose to Michigan? really? come on!) Anyway, so today I had my first lecture as an official Grad student. It feels no different than my two years ago to be honest. I got a little anxious when I heard that I had to write a research paper. I thought to myself...shit! I forgot about those! I was never good at writing those things. Oh well,


My favorite thing about writing software...you guessed it, I get to play with Robots.
I get to mentor a local high school team to design, build, test and compete with a Robot. Here's the competition kickoff video:

We are going to go to Orlando, New Jersey and Atlanta to compete against some very smart people. It's going to be a lot of work to get a robot to do all those things, but it's fun work. I look forward to it.

The Fam

Anthony is getting so big so damn fast, he's pretty smart for a two year old, but so far he uses his wits to get his way, I can tell that we are going to have our hands full with that one...where does he get all that stuff? I've got to wonder..was I that bad? I don't think I was as crazy as him.

Gaby rules the house with an Iron fist. I think she's so spoiled, but I can't help it. It's easier for me to discipline Anthony, but it's going to be hard to do with my daughter, good thing that Martha is there to balance things out, I know that Anthony is always going to be Mama's boy. And that's ok, I still have so many things that I look forward to doing with him. I have about 11 more years until he's a teenager and then things will get rough. Hopefully if we do things right the first years, puberty and adolescence won't be so bad.

Good books

Right now I am working on War and Peace. Little by little I'll get trough it, I got it for Christmas and I didn't think I would have the time to read it, but I could not help myself and I started it. If I had more time I could read it in a month, but since I am kind of busy I am reading it at the leisure pace of roughly 15 pages per day, at that rate I will done by late April, just in time for finals.

Over the break I read The Idiot, excellent tragedy by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Also I read an interesting book about the Bible: Misquoting Jesus.

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Loralee Choate said...

I liked the idiot. I never quite managed ALL of War and Peace. I should attempt it again.