Saturday, July 23, 2005

Cofessions From The War part I

Last night I had a dream about Iraq, again. Once in a while I revisit Iraq in my dreams, it's not a big deal, it doesn't bother me, sometimes I remember the good momments of comradery other times I am not, last night was the former. I was at a Chow hall and the people in the line with me were all soldiers I went to war with. So, how do I feel about going over there? That's a question I get somewhat often by people that know that I was there, the answer depends on how I am feeling that day. Sometimes I say how it was crazy over there, all the unexpected turn of events that ocurred, I can talk about the funny things that happened, also about the drama that was going on at home, there's a love story between my wife and I, also there are the good ol' war stories, about how it feels to be shot at, to wake up in the middle of the night while the post is being mortared, how it feels to patrol the streets daily at a place where anything can blow up at any time, (as it often did), I can tell you about the ugly things, the ugly sights, the shitty smell of Iraq, The way one feels when the day is over, clothes covered in sweat, dead tired, no mail that day, not knowing what day we are coming back home, and the only thing for sure is that the next day will be more of the same thing. I could go on about that, but I don't want to. Rather i would like to answer a question that was there since day one.
Did we do something good over there?
It all depends on who you ask, I must start by saying that I come from a family of Republicans that are very Conservative and Right-Wing Christians, personally I vote for whoever I think is best, not necessarily from one party or the other, I voted for Bush last election, not because I thought he was the best, but because I thought John Kerry was worse than him. I do not think of myself as a liberal, in fact I think politics is ..... well,I don't want to get into that right now.
Back to the question, Did we do something good?
This questions bothers me so much, What is good anyway? I guess that is defined by who wins,
History is written by the winners, just ask the Native Americans.
But we went there to liberate, to take out a very bad person from power, to look for WMD's and becuase we were ordered to go. But something still bothers me ( A lot ) and I will get back to that the next time, I have to finish writing my research paper, Good bye Iraq for now, and hello Research Paper on Linux Security.

I promise I will explain more later.

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