Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Sister is funny!

She posted this in her space, and I thought it was worth repeating, once again Florida is such a um, "unique" place to live:

South Florida was battered by Hurricane Wilma this last Monday. Below is some of the wisdom I've gathered in the aftermath of the storm.

1. If the tree branches are making cracking noises, its because they're breaking, now is not the best time to go check them out.

2. If one window breaks in an enclosed area, ALL the windows are going...get

3. Witnessing an enclosed balcony implode is not as cool as the movies make it seem.

4. The weather man did not lie, the worst part of the storm is after the eye.

5. Syphoning gasoline out of a vehicle is not as simple as it sounds.

6. Gasoline burns your mouth.

7. Swallowing gasoline will make you puke.

8. If you think cold showers suck, try taking one in the dark

9. The world is filled with stupid people, and they all come out after the storm passes.

10. I am not a nice person untill after I have my daily cup of coffee.

11. Driving with out traffic lights at night is not fun when you have a small car and all the crazies have trucks.

12. Rode rage comes in handy when you need to get somewhere fast.

13. A full tank of Gas is priceless.

14. Having cell phone signal is useless when your battery is dead and you cant charge the phone.

15. complete meals are overated.

And most important of all... Having friends and family close to you during and after the storm can give you some of the comfort that you thought the hurricane blew away.

That was pretty good sister, keep us updated on Wilma.


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