Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh Boy, I am actually a little worried...

The worse of hurricane Wilma is actually predicted to go trough Broward County, My Townhouse, my parent's house, My In-Law's and about 20 other family members are there, I am praying that they make it through this ok, I know it wouldn't make things any better, but I wish I was there with them. Watching the news from Minnesota actually makes it worse.


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Anonymous said...

Hi brother. today is my first day back at work. I know I've told you already, but life is CRAZY here. There are no traffic lights, and there are people on the road going crazy. I have been working like a mule, and all I think about is a good meal and a hot shower. The city doesnt look the same, I have no idea when we'll be back to normal.