Sunday, October 02, 2005

The World has another Yankee fan

I apologize people. But Anthony's Mother insists in corrupting our only son into liking the most hated baseball club in history. The only good thing is that every time he wears this jersey the Yanks lose. This picture was taken Friday as New York lost to Boston, today she tried again, and the Yankees lost 10-1. Haha!

I am disapointed in the Marlin's performance this season, they had all the right stuff to get into the post-season and yet, they managed to fall apart when it mattered.


wanderer said...

Congratulations on your new son, Jose! Sorry I didn't get to this earlier--I've been on a blog hiatus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother,

Anthony is looking good!! I'm loving the hair..parece como una bruja..ja ja ja ja

Make sure Anthony wears his Jersey today, I'm rooting for the Angels!

You havent checked out my page, I added more stuff, get to know your little sister and read all about it.