Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So what do you think about the War?

I hate war, I don't like the whole concept, The Violence, the uglyness, Loss of Life, etc. I wonder if having U.S. Soldiers in Iraq is accomplishing something in the war of terrorism. But I do Agree with Eric Raymond.

We must fight Terrorism, Religious fanaticism and absolutism.

We must Realize that our Civilization is worth defending.

We must Realize that no adjustment in American Policy will ever stop Terrorism.

We must not become become what we fight.

We must use Reason and Truth as our Keenest Weapons.

This is what I get from reading An Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto I know that these days support for President Bush is down, I don't care, this is what I think it's the right thing to do. Some things are worth fighting for, even if the fighting sucks. But we must be careful to fight the right enemy and not to become what we are fighting. We should be better than that, if we use torture, commit war crimes and hate in the name of stopping haters, what makes us different from them?


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