Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Plans


Going to take everyone to the movies, we're still trying to agree on one, so far the votes are SAW II (3 votes) Chicken Little (1 1/2 votes)


Martha has this Turkey that has been Marinating since last Wednsday, it should be completely dissolved by now. I am going to spend all day being Thankful for being alive.

Black Friday

Ever wonder what type of person goes to the Mall on a day like this? My wife is that type, she wants to go to the Mall, not any mall, no sir, the one and only Mall of America, so I will be one those guys that day following their wives while they look at every item in every window in every store of the mall. Thank God for Barnes and Noble, that's where I'll be.


No idea what I'll do.


Go to Church, then relax.

I will probably write more as the weekend progresses. Take care people. Be good to each other.




Anonymous said...

Brother, Saw II is twisted sick. No joke, I was writheing in my chair during a couple of scenes. I spent a majority of the film's time hiding my eyes behind my hands and trying to figure out the puzzle...I sort of got it, but it was still pretty surprising. You'll probably enjoy the nap store at the mall of america, let me know how it went. Hope you have a great weekend!

Jose said...


Hey I heard that the Turkey you baked came out really good. Man, I miss you. You know what? when we got to the Theater they had stopped showing Saw II Can you believe it?, there's no Movie Theater in Rochester showing that movie as far as I know, doesn't that suck? and I did not see that naping store at the Mall today, does not mean that is not there, I doubt I've seen every store there even though we've gone more than a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

Well we didn't find the nap store, maybe because we forgot to look for it. But Anthony was sure to get his naps he can fall asleep pretty much anywhere I wish I had that life. lol!