Friday, June 16, 2006

Back for the first time

After two weeks, I am back in the real world.

Too tired to write right now. It's been a long brake. I am posting a picture of my "office", all I can say that it was about 1000000000000 degrees hot, in the shade. The humidity made it feel ten times worse.

My wife bought me the new Nintendo DS lite, which is not really a wise thing. We are both addicted. Next week I have a A Midterm, Two Finals, a Presentation, and a paper due, Yet, I am not sweating it, I don't know why, I am numb I guess, I took my books with me, and studied almost everyday whenever I had some spare time. But I know I am way behind. Today I realized that I have not changed the oil in my car since January, I am surprised the thing still runs. My Son Anthony grew up so much in two short weeks, I am glad to be back, it felt like a vacation almost, but it made me want to be back here toughing it out everyday at school and work.

So, for the last two weeks I have been embracing the suck. I tried not to fight it, I just let it happen. However, It is getting harder and harder to keep my mouth shut, this is why the military is not for me anymore, I used to be a lot better about just doing what i am told, The way I am now there's no way I could last one day in the Marines. The thing is, I like to speak my mind, and people can usually tell what i am thinking by just reading my facial expression, this is not a good thing in the military, in there you just do what you are told, period, end of story.

So, It is good to be back, I missed you all, Thank you for waiting. I have so many things to write about. And so little time. Till the next one.


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Michael said...

...and that is why opinionated smart asses like me need to stay in the civilian ranks.