Sunday, June 18, 2006

Next week

This week is going to be a bit tough, I need to get paid, since the army's E5 pay is peanuts, so I need to work some hours, besides that, I have a Midterm I am making up Tuesday, A Final Wedsnday and Thursday a Presentation on Wedsnday and a Research paper due on Friday. But after that, all I have left is my Senior Project and that's the summer. I don't know why I am not freaking out, but today I had to spend time with the family, it is my first Father's day.

Being a Dad is awesome, but it is tough, it is defenetly hard to raise a family while trying to get trough school, I don't know why I am not somewhere having a nervous breakdown or a heart attack. Instead I am sitting here quietly in my computer, with let's see...1,2...9 different windows, I am going to finish writing that research paper tonight...or else. I don't know how I am going to cram up everyday for these tests while getting work done, but it's going to happen, i swear!

Ok People, Take Care, be good to each other.



Froyd said...

good luck with the research paper.

Loralee Choate said...

Good luck with everything! I have to say (Regarding a previous post) I am quite relieved that my husband didn't end up in the reserves...I am perfectly willing to support him (Still am and I told him that just last week)


I really think he would have been in trouble because he gets frustrated with stupidity and lack of effeciancy and makes it NO SECRET.

He would have ended up in Fort Levinworth (Or wherever).

Having a family and being in school is TOUGH, but you can do it.

Jose said...

Thank You!