Sunday, June 25, 2006


So, it's been a rough ride. I am still here, busy as usual, I always think of things to write in here, and when I finally get a chance to write down my thoughts, I blank out.

I have been blogging for more than a year now, I started this to describe what it was like to be an intern at IBM Rochester/MN but, it turns out, there are a lot of things I can get in trouble for disclosing, and whatever I can talk about, it is immensely boring. Then, I started placing links to interesting things that pop up in the net every once in a while, I also wrote down my thoughts about the war in Iraq, since I was there and all, but this is not a war blog, lately it has been sort of a dairy, which is something I didn't really want, I don't want to be write too much about me, because, frankly, who wants to read about someone else's personal issues? Well, I do, if it's well written, but I admit, I am not a good writer. Anyway, my point is, this blog lacks direction, and consistency, there are many directions in which this blog can go, and I am not sure which one it will take.

Option one:
This is one that I hate and like the most at the same time. The Iraq Blog. I hate this idea because I hate to think about Iraq. I really do. When I came back from there I was wresteling with a lot of demons, When I went I felt that I was supposed to go to war, that it was my duty, and that I was going there for a just cause, I came back with my own doubts indenpendant of what the media was portraying, but I felt that it was not in a position to question, I still feel the same, but I have come in terms with myself for the most part. The more I think about it the more I am sure of it. The thing is, I really want to move on with my life, I hate being stuck in a period of my life which is over for me. I don't think that as one person I can make much of a difference in the public's mind. But on the other hand, if I had the talent to be an excellent writer, if I could write a story the way Stephen King does it, I could write a hell of a war book, I feel is a shame because my war memoirs would be an interesting read at worst, howevere, I know my limits.

Option two:
The internet is a vast sea of information, I can write about a story or website that catches my attention, and start a discussion, this has happened a few times, but I don't have enough readers to start a debate, and, well, I don't have that many readers. This is like a lazy option.

Option Three:
The Dairy, I don't like this one too much, because I don't want to write about mundane things that nobody cares about.

Option Four:

The technical blog. I would like to write about my profession, Computer Engineering, explain IEEE articles, comment on new trends and stuff, but this would actually take a lot of work, plus, none of my readers (or at least the one that leave commments) are Engineers, so, who wants to know about engineering?

Option Five:
A combination of all the above.

Oh well, usually I just write whatever comes to mind whenever I sit in front of the screen, this is my usual strategy, but as this blog enters it's second year I thought it would be nice to have a goal and some organization for this blog. My personal goal from this blog is to be able to improve my writing skills, one day I will write and publish my own book, the other thing is, I like to get comments and meet other bloggers. I think is cool that I know so many bloggers that are a lot better at this than I am, I learn from all of you, and I enjoy reading. I like blogging so much it makes my wife jealous. How can you be jealous of a blog? Those of you who blog understand.

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Loralee Choate said...

I like blogs that contain unpredictability.

I like that sometimes there is a link here, sometimes you talk about the military, I LIKE mundane aspects of people's life...I think the way you talk about being a dad and husband is lovely. The only option that would make me go, "DUH" is the technical because I have ZERO skill in that department.

Basically...I think you should combine ALL OF THEM and write about whatever moves you for the day.