Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm so tired

I worked 12 hours today, I am trying to get this Perl Script to work properly and have been unsuccessful so far. I started writing this program that "reads" a file and generates TestCases to test the Logic of the chip, the problem is, teaching the computer how to "read", it is more complicated that it seems,(at least to me) but it is an interesting challenge, the only thing is that I am mentally exhousted. It is a good feeling seeing progress in my programming skills, I am doing in one hour what was taking me a day two weeks ago, and given that two months ago I did not know what a Perl Script was, I'd say I am making good Progress.

The matter of free will has been debated by philosophor for many years, yet any married guy with a pregnant wife will tell you, there is no free will, I would have argued that yes, I am responsible for my actions and that there is always a choice, but given my choices now, there is really no contest. A happy wife is a happy life, especially a pregnant one.

I say an interesting post here, but I did not have the mental energy left to make a good argument with kamran, I would like to say that there is a point when doing an abortion is ilegal, however I do not know all the facts right on top of my head, but I think that after 12 weeks you can't have one. So, what is the difference before and after? Can you say that having an abortion a week after conception is the same as one done after 25 weeks? Technically, the only difference is that the fetus is more developed, but anyone "feels" there's something "morally" wrong with doing an abortion that late in the term. But is there a difference? According to some, the fetus is not a person yet, but, something is not right with thinking that a late pregnancy fetus isn't, I am probably not making much sense, so I'll let that go, I'll get back to that when I know what I'm talking about.

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