Thursday, September 08, 2005

I am full of radiation today,

I am taking part in this study given by the Mayo Clinic, this is why I haven't been posting, I have been over there in the morning and working in the evenings. They gave me food and radiactive milk and made me eat until I could eat no more. Then they would take blood, scans and who knows what else. Funny the things I do in the name of science and a few bucks.

Baby Anthony is not here yet, my wife went to the Doctor today for a regular apointment, everything seems fine, They are both healthy.

Today I finished reading Ayn Rand's Philosphy: who needs it.
I like some of the stuff she said, but not the way in which she presents her arguments, I should be a little more specific, but i won't, I'd just say that I strongly agree with the concept of making choices based on Reason, not faith or emotions. To me that is a powerful concept.
I read The FountainHead and Anthem and really enjoyed them, I bought Atlas Shrugged but did not finish it, It was during a period of my time in which I did not have time to read anything outside of school (full time student, full time job, AND a wife) I forgot to bring it with me to Minnesota, otherwise I would have tried to read it here. But this book was a disapointment, it is a collection of essays and letters, I guess she is better at fiction.


wanderer said...

Radioactive Milk? Eg. Was it dangerous? Did you get sick? Did it taste strange?

Anonymous said...

He was glowing in the dark. lol!!

Jose said...

It didn't taste any different. And it was only a small amount of radiation.

They made me eat until I was completely stuffed, they wanted to see how much I could hold, but I didn't get sick or anything.