Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random notes about nothing in particular

About a friend

I've got a friend that applied to 7 great universities and got rejected by all of them. I am not going to say his name, but he goes to school with me and I think he is the best hacker I know. This dude breathes code, he can program better in his sleep that I can after ten cups of coffee. Yet, Cornell, MIT, Caltech, Urbana-Champaing, Berkely and all those other schools said, "No Thanks, have a nice day" He is trying to get in the PhD program and if he can't make it, what about me? I have dreams of someday getting a Masters or Phd from MIT, I don't think this going to discourage me not to try it, but it certainly brings my hopes down.

This Summer

I will be back in Minnesota in about 3 months, roughly the same amount of time it has been since I left it. I can't say this doesn't get me excited. Working is so much better at that office and some good friends of mine are in that area. I can't wait to be back out there. Plus the summers are much nicer in Minnesota, aka God's fridge.

I can't believe how quickly time seems to pass.

England this Summer

This summer I am also supposed to go to England with the Military, I don't know the details yet, but it's going to be some secret mission, oops! Was I not supposed to say that? Damn!
Well, since the cover has bee blown, I will spill the beans: Exchange program, British dudes come over, train with our equipment, drink our beer, meet the locals, we do the same out there. And to think that they pay us for that. Well, I am making it sound too good. I have no idea if we are supposed to go to some SAS survival schools or some messed up crazy thing like that. For all I know I could be going to British boot camp and don't even know it. We'll see.

Some other crazy friend

I've got another friend that many of us care about. I love this guy like a fat kid loves cake. But sometimes I don't understand him. I've been known to piss him off, so I am just going to say this. Dude, I wish you the best. Embrace your pain and live the best way that you know. You've got a lot of people that care about you, myself included.

What is it about this blog?

Whenever I write on this blog I try to think about what would happen if some company that I am trying to get a job from read this, what would they think?
And I try to make sure that anything I write does not get back to haunt me. But sometimes I can't help myself and I write something dumb or too personal, or just plain pointless. That's just me. I say screw that. This is my personal space, where I write down my personal thoughts, this has nothing to do with my professional life. I write this because pretty soon I am going to go job hunting and I have been warned by my friends about this. Personally I am not too worried. I don't think there's anything here that can prevent me from looking too unprofesional, and the thing is, does this ever happen? I hear about a person that got fired from an airline for posting pictures of herself in her uniform, not nudity, nothing obscene, just pictures of herself dressed like a flight attendant. But, I don't know, sometime I worry too much I guess.

Time to go to work!

Ok, it is almost 7:00 AM so I am going to start my working day. 8 hours of perl coding, after that, study for my electronics lab test next week, followed by some Computer Architecture Homework. Carpe diem et pecuniam!


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