Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This is how you play soccer

It's almost time for the World Cup, and since Venezuela is not going, (yes, I know) I root for Brasil. As long as Argentina does not win, I am happy.

The World Cup is one of those thing that I look forward to, every four years the whole world watches as 24 teams compete for it. I still remember Mexico '86 back in the day, I recall getting to Europe just days after France '98 and I cannot forget USA '94.

Americans could not care less about soccer (the real name is football), which is sad, I am a big baseball fan myself, as those of you who know me can attest, but I think it is messed up that we call the baseball finals the "World Series" when it actually involves at the most two countries. One day that will change.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now.Enjoy the video.



Froyd said...

yeah! Screw argentina! woot!

wanderer said...

Holy crap. That was amazing.

Anonymous said...

O O O Ronaldinho e' um Terror!

Bem vindo ao verde amarelo, Jose!

Jose said...

Obrigrado Arhtur

Pentaaaaaaa CampeĆ£ooooooo!!!

Monkeyz Mommy said...


Monkeyz Mommy said...

I can't believe you, you should be on MY side...meanie!

Jose said...

Costa WHAT???

nrlaumei said...

We're going to be in Germany for the world cup this year.... =D

Jose said...

No way!!!

That's so cool, take lots of pictures please.

And do share..

I will be working in England for two weeks, It's close to it but not enough.

Anonymous said...