Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Math blows my Mind

Suppose you are at room with 60 people chosen at random, what do you think the odds are that 2 of those will have the same birthday? If you think about it, there are 365 days in a year. 60 << 365 so, maybe 30% ? right? RIGHT?

Wrong, odds are there's a 99% chance that two people will have the same birthday.

Don't believe me? Read the Wikipedia Article, This blog post, or this Article by Math World

Those who study cryptography are too familiar with this problem known as the birthday paradox which is what the birthday attack is based off.

I am amazed, one day I may be able to understand Math better. I feel that after 5 years of school I have barely skimmed the surface. In order to be a decent Computer Engineer I need to be able to at least be confortable with Math, but to be honest, the more I learn, the more discouraged I get. It seems like there's so much out there. I could spend the rest of my life crunching numbers and memorizing formulas and theorems and yet, I would not be able to make the statement: I KNOW MATH.

That will not stop my from trying though. It is never too late. Besides, is there a better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon? Wait, there is?

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Polyman2 said...

Go to school
be a fool.
Go to work
be a jerk.
Math blows.