Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Life is Good

Two things I enjoy about life:

1. Coming home from work to see my wife and my little one.

2. Talking to good friends and family, It's awesome to keep in touch those few people who you have known for years and still keep in touch even if it's only once in a while. You know who you are, thanks for making my life better.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad yo're enjoying your family. Treasure each moment with baby Anthony because he will only be little for so long, each day with him will be like a new adventure, bringing challenges and changes that you must overcome.

Edgar said...

Hola Jose, gracias por el comentario, mira acabo de visitar este blog y es para joder Hugo Chavez

jaja, bueno vamos coperando, yo tambien podre el link.

Suerte en los US MARINES y gracias por defender a este pais.


Anonymous said...

Hola, si tienes un blog puedes ayudar a joder al presidente Chavez asi