Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some random thoughts

Weird Dream Last Night

Last night had a dream that Anthony was a computer chip. And Martha was yelling at me because He was crying too much, and it was my fault, becuase I programmed him wrong. I think I've been working too many hours.


Was looking at a map today and I noticed that Bemidji is further North than Fargo! So, now I really want to go, I need to see what is like to live that far up, away from the rest of the planet. I can't wait, I know it's going to be an interesting trip. Minnesotans never cease to amaze me. I am seriously going to miss it when I go back to Hurricane-Land a.k.a Florida.

New life goal

As if I didn't have enough things to do, I've found a new calling, the world of Open Source, I've decided to contribute code to the Linux effort, the reasons? Completely selfish ones, I want to prove myself, I want to have the satisfaction that I helped the Linux community. That my name will be in Linux boxes all over the world, would anyone else see my name in there and care? probably not, does that matter? not to me.


She loves it here, doesn't want to go back to FL. This is the last thing I expected her to say, after all, she's was born in NYC.


I swear he looks bigger everyday, I can notice the difference when I get back from work. Before I know it, he's going to be asking for my car keys and dating advice.

So many books, so little time

Ok, Why is it that I never read the books I buy and I never buy the books I read? I have a serious problem, I can't control my bibliophilia. Next book in my list:
The Guns, Germs and Steel: Fates of Human Societies If I ever finish the book I'm reading.

IBM culture

I want to write a bunch of stuff in here, but time I am running out of time because I have a....

Sucky weekend coming up

It's that time of the month....Monthly National Guard training, I'm going to spend the weekend away from home while Martha gets to spend time with her sibbling who are visiting. That reminds me, I have to pack my crap.

I can't wait to see you Esteban and Mayi! To Everyone else, have an excellent weekend, be good to each other.



Anonymous said...

Very nice dream brother, I really do think that you have been working too many hours. I would think that your weekend getaway would have been enough.
At the risk of sounding like a complete city girl...Why would you want to drive up north to see life away from civilization? I completely undersand if you're going camping or on a wildlife spotting adventure-type thing. but a drive up north to see a town away from it all? I dunno, I dont quite see the appeal.
Dont get any crazy ideas abomut moving to the country. I want to have fun seeing anthony as often as I can once he gets bigger. So you better be close to home.

Jose said...


how you doing my dear hermanita?

I am going up North to visit BSU with Kamran an old friend of mine, going to meet his college buddies, I assure you that it will not be boring, trust me, that's the least of my worries. And, I see an appeal in experiencing something different. Can you imagine what that place is like? Igloos every corner, polar bears going trough the garbage, Santa Clauss complaining about the cold, etc, etc, it should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I must say I usually get bored reading past line, if you're bad a keeping my attention...but you're good. I like your blogs. I liked your dream a lot. I laughed because last night I TiVo'd ROBOTS, and the dad sort of programs his I want to see pictures of where you're going!

Johnymepeino said...

I want to see pictures about somewhere you are going. Curiously... there are more persons interested in dreams and flying. It's possible. The people can fly. I don't mind if our wings are broken. We can. We could do it.

Good weekend and the best regards for your wife and sister

Anonymous said...

HA HA.....your son a computer chip......Lay of the caffeine, Open source……You are a decrease to all Microsoft groupies!!!! Going back to training I see…..They don’t want you to get fat!!!!!!