Saturday, May 06, 2006

A morning babysitting

Ok, This weekend I decided to break the normal routine. Usually, Anthony spends Friday nights at his grandma's while Martha and I go out to watch a movie or something. But Yesterday I decided I'd spend all Saturday with Anthony, since I don't have to study for once, I thougth I will spend some "quality time" while my wife is working.

It's ten thirty AM and I am already tired, I have changed him three times (not a pleasant sight) I fed him, (which is weird, he cried the whole time, I don't know if he hated the food, which I can't blame him for that, or that I wasn't giving the stuff fast enough) and now he is taking a nap, I am so glad that I have a free minute, I don't know what to do with it. So I decided to update my blog.

Also, there are things going on at work that I wish I could write them here, but if I did it would defenetly cost me my job...such a shame, there's nothing like sharing good gossip.

As far as books I have read, Two weekends ago I read Baghdad Express, Then last week for my birthday I bought Tuesdays with Morrie, wich was an excellent read. The next day Arthur gave me Uncle Tungsten a memoir about a kid in love with Chemistry, very interesting in a scientific sort of way. But the geek in my is screaming for a book on Computer Science, but not a textbook, I wish there were more books like "Godel Escher, Bach, and Eternal Golden Braid" that's the type of read I am craving for.

I still have some money on that gift card Martha gave me, after Anthony wakes up we're going to the bookstore.

Anthony has been napping for a good hour, I better go check on him.


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Loralee Choate said...

When they are so small you sometimes feel that you don't have a second to breathe.

Books are a good friends at this time because you can put them down to change baby barf off your shirt and they will still be waiting for you hours later with no complaint or grudge.

Pity you can't share the gossip...