Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pictures from two weeks ago

This are the some of the few pics we took when we went to Naples on our break. The weekend before the Summer term started, good thing we have this Monday off, next Friday I am off for my yearly Reserve Training, Two fun-filled weeks.. NOT!

Today some friends are supposed to come over to work on our HW, but so far they are all sleeping, I feel bad waking them up, but time is running.

Anyway, here are the pics, hope you like them.

Loralee, thanks for the comments, you didn't have to. But Thanks.

Ok Everyone, take care, be good to each other.


Loralee Choate said...

I know I didn't really have to.
At the same time I REALLY did.


Have "Fun"!

Johnymepeino said...

I can not beleve it!...

This winter You had Tony, a baby and now you have a little man :)


Gina said...

Anthony is just too cute, hey you guys should come over one day. We are at our new apartment, we can eat empanadas and play some traditional colombian 'sapo' I'm sure we'll enjoy it.