Monday, April 24, 2006

Back to South Florida

Army training was pointless as usual, the only events worth mentioning were the fact that I saw good friends, I finished reading Joel Turnipseed's Baghdad Express, and I found out that I may not be going to England this summer after all. The reason for this I think is that they found out I actually wanted to go, so before they give you orders for anything they sit and figure out how miserable and inconvenienced you will be as a result, if they figure out there's a chance you might benefit from it or that you will somehow enjoy yourself, they pull the plug on it. In my case they probably said, "Sgt V wants to go to England, that's no good, let's find somebody who doesn't want to go and put him in his slot. Oh, Sgt Smuck is having a baby in the summer let's send him."

Oh well, is not like I am not used to it by now, I'll get over it. No big deal. I will have to bring up what I learned in the Corps the good ol' FIDO (Fuck it, Drive on)

This week I have one more Final Test, two more presentations and the Final Project proposal and then all I will have left is a project for Computer Architecture and that will end the Spring of 2006.

But, a blog post will not be complete without a link to something a little bit more entertaining than my usual rantings.

Check out this sad, depressing, but realistic outlook of life. Cool Soundtrack.


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Loralee Choate said...

FIDO...that is cool, I'll have to use it.

I think my favorite part of this short was when the drill guy peed on him...