Friday, April 28, 2006

Working from home today

Ah! Finally, I get to relax, I bought a good book, I cleaned up around the house, and now I can sit back, and do whatever, well, I am putting in some hours at work, since I didn't work that much in the past two weeks I got to make it up, but it feels like work only if I let it, I must remind myself that I actually WANT to work where I work, and that it can be enjoyable if I approach it the right way.

My biggest problem is that I am impatient, very impatient, I don't like to wait, I don't like surprises, Whenever I want to know something, I have to know right now.
In engineering, like a lot of other fields, you may not know what the answer is right away, and you have to do problem solving. I see my co-workers think about an issue, say, why a register is not getting a value. And they can figure it out in their heads in no time at all. I in the other hand, take a lot longer to solve problems, my co-workers don't seem surprised, it's all the experience, they say. But I get frustrated when I can't get the answer.

Another thing, the ability to sort and process a lot of information simultanously is something that is not always easy to do. Or at least it is not easy for me. When I try to do it is like trying to hold my breath, it can only last for so long. Anything can break that hard to get concentration, an email, the phone ringing. Or a random thought that pops up.

I wonder what is the best way to concentrate? I looked it up in the internet and didn't find anything useful. Suggesions are welcome.



Froyd said...

best way to concentrate?

Get a beverage(hot or cold, your choice), close the door to your work room, blast some rock/heavy metal that you've heard so much you know the lyrics. that way, it doesn't disturb you, but it covers up the outside when you need to concentrate.

that's what I do. Or I just buy some orange juice when I need concentrate.

Jose said...

Thanks Froyd.