Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last Registration

I am registered for the summer and fall term. Next stop, graduation! December can't get here fast enough.

This are my classes if anyone cares to know:


CDA 4504 Intro to Data Communication

Had to take it, don't really care about it. I am not really sure what it covers but the name should give me an idea.

CDA 6132 Multiprocessor Architecture

They have allowed me to take a graduate course to count towards my Bachelors degree, if I decide to stay for graduate school, they will count it too. I actually want to take this class. It looks like I could use the knowledge. I hope I don't get killed, my friends tell me that the classes in graduate school are easier, but that doesn't make sense to me.

ENGC 4411 Engineering Design II

This is the second and final semester of the Senior Project, this is where you actually build the project and make it work. I think is the single most important class of the whole curriculum.


CDA 4210 Intro to VLSI

I have been trying to get this class, no lie, since the Fall 04, and I finally was able to get in. They only offer this class once a year and it fills up quickly. VLSI stands for Very Large Scale Integration and it refers to packing millions of transistor into a single sylicon chip. This is the only class one of my friends is taking, it was the last class he needs to graduate, so he is going to have an easy fall.

EEL 4340 Digital Electronics

There has never been a Computer Engineer student in the history of FAU that has ever gotten anything higher than a 50 on the final exam for this class. I know of many people who take this course twice, not just the lazy bums but the over achievers too, this is one of those classes. But I am not scared, I am petrified.

I'll live.

COT 4935 Senior Seminar

Easy A, one credit course to learn about the Ethics in our profession. I wonder if Politcal Science Majors are required to take a similar course.

CHM 2045 General Chemistry and Lab

I dropped this class this semester, it takes too much time away! So I left it for the end. I don't know what it is about Chemistry that I have been avoiding it since I started, this is a freshman course that I just kept putting off since is not a pre-requesite to any other class. I will make the best attempt to enjoy it despite of all the 18 year olds acting like is the 13th grade. Sigh.

So, that's it, after that, a bachelor's degree!

Can't wait.


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