Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Video Clips of my Wedding

Since everyone else is doing the youtube thing, I thought I'd give it a try, now I think it's the next best thing after sliced bread and Wikipedia, anyway, the clips themselves are very um, sentimental? That was a special day, we were legally married already but we thought we had to have a wedding ceremony,so we saved for a couple of months and did this. The thing nobody at that party knew was that less than a month later I would get called upt to go to Iraq, the Date of the wedding was Dec 15 2002, January 11 2003 our unit got orders to deploy. I did not see it coming. Unlike many of my friends I did not get married in the face of a deployment to get more money, I truly thought I would never have to go. Oh, and another thing, technically I should have not worn my Marine dress blues, since at that time I was already part of the Army National Guard, but it was my girl's decision, and who can contradict a girl on her wedding day? This is the only clip in wich I am not dancing badly, but If you want to see my lack of skills, those clips are here and here. Plase don't laugh so loud, I can already hear you all the way down here.


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in all fairness, I didn't look at the dancing videos.