Sunday, April 09, 2006


Today I am going to work until 1:00pm then I am going to meet with my Senior Project Team, We have to come up with a proposal by Tuesday, this might take a lot of work, not only a lot of typing, but actual thought and effort, we have to make our idea sound good and we have to explain how in the world we are going to transfor our idea into a working device. I am very afraid. Which brings me to my to-do list:

This summer I have to:

Take Three Classes, ED2( Senior Project), Data Communication, and Multiprocessor System Architecture, the latter one is a Graduate Course which will count towards both my Undergrad and a Master if I decide to keep going.

Go to the U.K for two weeks whith the National Guard, it's that time of the year for the two weeks of training.

Go to Minnesota to do a summer internship, don't know how long I can stay, but it has to be something significant. I am sort of under the radar from here, I need to get noticed, I want a job offer.

Finish the Senior Project, this is by far the thing that will take up most of my time, I know it.

Be a father and a husband. This one kinda goes without saying.

Checklist for the month of April

Do my taxes. Ahhh!


2 projects (one presentation and one practical lab)

Make enough money to pay the bills

Plan a little break

My little break

Martha and I are talking about taking a trip to NYC once this semester ends. I think is a great idea.

Good Movie

I saw "Thank you for Smoking" it was hilarious. I liked this review.

Anthony makes a noise that could be interpreted as "Dah-Dah" My wife is not surprised, but I am.

Also, he does not like the Black eyed peas, whenever he hears the song "Pump it" he stars to cry. What's up with that?

That's all for now, Good luck and Good day


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