Sunday, December 11, 2005

Change is Good

Here I am, should be doing stuff around the apartment to get it ready, but I am tired of working, I am stopping soon. I have done enough. I want to see my family so bad. I miss them dearly. I miss my fat talking Monkey.

I have found a new mission for this blog. I want to challenge the people who vist this site to stop and question everything they know. If I can cause that grey matter between your ears to spark an intelligent thought, I have done my job. If I can change your mind about something, not because I said it, but because you THOUGHT about it, investigated it, and came to a Conclusion only after a careful analysis, then my blog has accomplished its mission.

Everyday I learn something new about myself. I have discovered who I am (again) after this trip. I will attempt to give you the world through my eyes. These very eyes that have seen the beauty of the Mississippi headwaters in December, but also the ugly face of despair in Iraq. I still believe in us. I still think that man can be better. I don't believe in any political system. I don't believe in anarchy. I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative, I don't believe in labels either, as a matter of fact, if you were to stereotype me as a Marine you'd be wrong, as a Venezuelan, you'd be wrong too. ditto for: American, Engineer, Floridian, Minnesotan, Computer Geek, insane, normal, hispanic, immigrant. Yet, I have traits associated with all the items in that list. My point. I cannot be defined with a word. Not even my name is unique, I am named after my Dad.

I love to think, I love to read. I love to solve problems. I love to write. I love to accomplish things. I love being happy. Above all I love my family.

Some things are going to change around here. If you don't like your point of view being challenged then I recommend that you type a different url in your browser and don't come back here ever again. If you'd like to discuss your view of the world here in a civilized manner, you are more than welcome to do that here. In fact, you are encouraged.

Oh, about Bemidji, I don't have the balls to publish my first draft of this posts, but let me thank you all for being so nice to me, no one called the INS. You are far too kind.

Froyd and Jon, you rule! Kamran, you can stop telling the abulance story now, I hope that this marks a new beginning for the Jose-Bemidji People relationship. I want to see you all again, next time I am bringing in the Calvary (Martha and Monkey) Amy thanks for going beyond nice. Natasjia, Julie, Jessica, Grubbs, Josh, Emily, Bill and his wife, all the dudes that I played Nintendo with at the froydstravaganza. It was a pleasure. If I said something stupid to you, please do forgive me.

Thank you all for reading this blog when you could be doing something useful. God bless you for that.



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finite jester said...

nice mission statement...

always nice to see a man throw off all categories while acknowledging their effects...