Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The only reason why Amirah is still alive is because my wife would never forgive me. She has been a terrible cat this whole trip, there was no way of calming her down, she kept on fighting Mohamed the other cat. Oh, what a trip, a Cavalier completely filled up with our possesions, two crazy cats and yours truly, I have a big scratch on my neck and my right arm. Amirah was very close to being trown off the window..But I couln't come up with a good story.

Honey I'm home!....Cat? What Cat?...I don't recall any cats...This scratch? Oh! this is from the strip club...

I am keeping the damn cats.

So, I'm resting at a hotel in Kentucky, all I have is Tennesee and Georgia to go and then I'll be in Florida.

Wikipedia and Open Source

What does the Register have against Wikipedia?
This article is yet another attack on my favorite website.
I have read the articles, but have not gotten to a conclusion yet.
Can one say that Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information? Or is there an agenda agaisnt it by the online mag The Register.
I was afraid some story like this will show up eventually.

My first impulse is to say that the Register must have something against it. Let's dig into this and see what comes up. There's always a story behind the story.

Ok, that's all I got. Till the next one



Jonathan said...

Jose, I miss you. Thanks for linking to "how to get rid of things." I'm going to add you to my blogroll now, because I like you. And I only add people I like--sometimes.

Froyd said...

I'm one of those that are IFFY on the wikipedia...I think it's a brilliant experiment, and it would depend on how it was used for a source(ie. backed up by something else), but in my research projects for next semester's class, I'm going to let the student's use it, fo' sho'.