Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Quote of the Day

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

-Albert Einstein


Johnymepeino said...

Hola José- Espero que me entiendas, que yo sé que a veces escribes muy bien en español en el otro blog.
Te he traido un meme que amablemente me han pasado en mi blog. Se trata de los cinco CD's que más has escuchado este año 2005. ¿Lo harás?. Tus discos 2005 son muy importantes también para nosotros.
Happy Christmas Joseph, for you and for all your parents. ;)

Jose said...

Que tal Johny,

Esta bien, pondre mis discos del 2005 en este blog y tambien en el MSN space.

No se si sabias que tuve la oportunidad de conocer tu pais a traves de la Infanteria Marina Americana, estube en la base que se encuentra en Rota.Andalucia, y asi pude visitar a Malaga que me gusto un monton. Tambien trabaje con el Tercio de Armada que son la version Iberica de nuestro cuerpo militar.

Thanks for your kind words about me that you wrote in your blog.

Froyd said...

oh man. um. ¿donde esta la bibliotecha?

mas despachio, por favor.

Jose said...

*****Loose Translation******

Johny: Hello Jose, I hope you can understand this, since your Spanish is pretty good in your other blog.
I have brought you a Meme?(don't know what a meme is) you must write the top 5 CD you've listend to this year. Will you do it? Your CDs are very important to us. Merry Christmas for you and your family.

Jose: Ok

Froyd said...

Excellent! I can translate as well!

Memes are a thing, usually a list like you were assigned, that travel around from blog site to blog site, sometimes on their own(bloggers seeing one they like and picking it up) or spread like chicken pox to elementary kids(as what happened here).

More or less. From what I recall. I don't know. I'm all rhetricked out.

Joshua said...

Meme is the name for an around the way bitch that everyone has been with.

As in, "hey Meme, let me holla at you ass for a second, you triflin ass ho"