Friday, March 17, 2006

Foul Move

Yesterday was a crazy day, a new nephew in Venezuela, my little sister at the hospital sick here, A test in the afternoon that I studied for that morning, (did good there though) a big day in the Senior project, a SHPE meeting, a date with my the end of the day I was drained.

But the crazy thing was what happened yesterday at my Senior Project class, today was going to be the day were we finalized how the groups were going to be arranged, from day one we were told that we would be able to choose our own groups as long as there was one member from each discipline represented. For the mini-project we were randombly arranged, as a result nobody in our group had known each other previously, but we had so much fun we agreed on staying together. We made plans for the summer and we got to know each other in the proccess.

Yesterday the teachers threw a curve ball at us, they told us that for the actual project we could choose our own long as every member in your team is not an old member from the mini-project. In other words, I can be on a team with anyone but David, Hammed or Shereece, my old team-mates.

As you can imagine, this did not go over too well, people had gotten used to their respective teams. For the next ten minutes we were an angry bunch, after realizing that fighting it was futile, we gave up and found new teams.

My new team looks promising, but I feel like high school, you know, when you break up with your girlfriend to go out with her best friend? You still look at your ex accross the classroom and feel a little guilty. What? You don't know that feeling? Nevermind.


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