Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today we had our Senior Project presentation, not the big one, this is just the "mini-project" to get us warmed up. We had to make a device to shoot an specified amount of water into cups laid in a 3 by 3 meter grid. We were given 4 coordinates a week ago and a 5th coordinate today. The challenge was to hit all 5 targets from outside the grid area. In these pictures the closer target is shown.

Our Team hit all 5 targets, we will get a good grade, but, we were not the team with the best performance. Out of 12 Teams, 3 Teams did better than us, 4th out of 12 is not that bad, but we wanted to be the best team.

That's ok, it's our own fault we did not pay too much attention to measuring the amount of water that got in the cups, we were more concerned with hitting the cup.
So this is the end of the beginning of the end, if that makes sense.

I plan on writing a full report with photos and videos in my other blog.



wanderer said...

Dude. That is awesome. It's fun to see what you're doing. I thought your program was nothing more than some purely internal mathematical operation, but this looks like a blast. Exactly what part of the operation were you primarily responsible for?

Jose said...

Thanks Kamran,

I was responsible for programming the chip that controls the shooting device.

I also wrote a program that took the coordinates and translated them to commands the chip would understand.

It reminded me a lot of shooting Mortars...It was a team effort, I was given suggestions about the program from my team members, and I also helped David connecting the circuits and David helped Hammed build the Robot.

It was a fun project, now we have to work on the actual one which is due in August, that one is supposed to be the big one.

Froyd said...

you look very intent in the pictures.

Jose said...


I was thinking about lunch, that's why I have that look.