Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some thoughts on Thinking

I've decided to share some of the things that I have learned from 9 months of experience as an IBM intern, I hope this is helpful.

Make sure you are solving the right problem

Whenever I find myself stuck, I realise that I am not sure what the problem is, sure, I may have a vague definition in my head, but to get ahead I have to know exactly what the problem is, from there I can take it to make sure I fix the problem, not the blame.

85% of my job is finding problems, the rest is a combination of either fixing it, or reporting it.

Never ask the same question more than once

It annoys people to repeat themselves, and it gives a bad impression when you come back time after time with the same question. This is experience talking.

Ask yourself: What have I learned today?

Strive to learn something new everyday, When you stop learning, you stop adding value to the team. No one can say they know everything about a field, when you do is time to move on or up.

Ask yourself: What have I accomplished today?

I don't really get paid to only learn, Spending the day trying to help the team is essential when you are the new guy. Specially when you don't know much. Like myself.

Managers don't want to hear excuses

Nothing is worse than a person that does not take responsability, I get a slack because I am "just an intern" but only if I am honest about my shortcomings.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

It is better to make mistakes, this is how you learn. Own up to them though.

Honesty is always the best policy

'nuff said.

Is what you say and the way you say it

Communication skills are as important (if not more) than coding skills, you have to be able to voice your thougts. At some point I will even have to learn how to write.

Ok everybody, I am done preaching, back to reality.



Froyd said...

you forgot this one:

"Don't listen to the proletariat, only the Froyd"

Jose said...

But of's so obvious I didn't think I had to mention it!