Friday, August 26, 2005

Hurricane Update.

The Eye of Hurricane Katrina passed through my in-Law's, my townhouse, and my parent's... in that order. my in-laws and my townhouse are without power. My parents have power but no cable therefore suffering a lot more.

Here in Minnsota most people seem unaware of a Katrina huricane or that there is such thing as "Florida". Aside from a few comments from co-workers life is business as usual in here.

-Hurricane in Florida? what else is new? About them Twins, eh? Jaah!

That's life up North, I guess.

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wanderer said...

It's true. More than half the news about Florida we get has to do with a hurricane. the other parts are concerned with A) Jeb Bush's comments about his brother, B) How Floridians don't know how to count ballots, and C)...there is no C.