Monday, August 01, 2005

I heard from an old friend today.

I got an email from Joel Smith, a photo-journalist.

This is one of his pictures, I don't know who is that ugly bastard with the goofy smile, oh wait, nevermind,that's me. Joel is the reflection on my iraqi OAKLEYs,

We saw a lot of reporters in Iraq, but I have never met anyone like Joel Smith. He spent time with our unit and got to know us like he knows his camera. He was always talking about a book, well, he got a chance to publish it. It should come out in December at its earliest. It is going to be a photo essay, there is going to be some comments about the 124th Infantry, the unit I was with. I am very excited about that. Joel is a good guy, he and I differ in our points of view somewhat, but we both love our country and have lots of respect for each other. I deeply admire the moral and physical courage it took to be out there with us.

Joel's website is:

or follow the link here


Anonymous said...

hah, I'm the first one to leave message this time:)

Anonymous said...

You look so young Jose.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you JA.

Jose said...

Thank you.