Monday, August 08, 2005

I will be cramming like crazy for my Data Sec. soon as I am done here.

I saw an interesting article the other day.
Thanks to Alex, I came accross Lewis Purdue's blog, The writer who claims Dan Brown stole his book. I wasn't sure if Dan Brown plagirized his book the DaVinci Code, but from reading into it, I determined:

1. Dan Brown did not "copy and paste" Lewis Purdue's books rather he wrote about the same material which is not plagiarism.

2. Dan Brown has a lot of "facts" in his novels wrong. Which would be ok in a fiction novel IF the author didn't make claims that he did "extensive research". I knew better than to believe all those claims. When I read Digital Fortress it was clear that he had no idea about what Cryptographers and Computer Programmers do. I was a little disapointed by that, it made the story a bit less thrilling. But what the hell, I liked the book.

3. Lewis Purdue is a whiner. Man, talk about a big baby, I went to his site ready to pounce on Dan Brown for ripping an honest writer off his hard work and instead found myself laughing at this loser.

4. If you write a bestseller, be prepared to be sued for it. Hey! Litigation lawyers have a family to feed too!

Anyway. I gotta get back to my books, I am doing all I can to avoid studying....

Oh, man..... (sigh)


Alex said...

As much as I am inclined to agree with you about the lack of proof that Perdue's intellectual property was infringed upon, there is another point to be made here. Dan Brown will not comment (he's too busy, he claims) on the issue I brought to my blog, whereas Lew has visited a couple of times, not only to lay down the facts, but also just to chit-chat.

I guess I tend to root for the "regular Joe."

Jose said...

I am not a fan of Dan Brown either,

My point was that Perdue is embarrasing himself on that blog.

He needs to suck it up and move on.