Sunday, August 28, 2005

I just learned a valuable lesson today:

DO NOT under any circumstance whatsoever try to be funny around a pregnant woman, they don't get it, and it will cost you.

I said one little remark about the cat looking like is dead because it was sleeping with it's eyes open, and I almost gave my wife a heart attack, I mean all it took was one glance to confirm the stupid cat was fine, but after she did that she bursted in tears, I mean, straight-up bawling, and I know is not her fault, she's not usually like that, it's her hormones, Nothing I could say could calm her down...It wasn't a pretty sight. So guys: be carefull with what you say, it's hard enough as it is. If she's having your baby, you are the cause of all evil in this world and you are to blame for absolutly EVERYTHING that goes wrong in her world. Keep that in mind and life will be much easier.

If only I could follow my own advice.

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Vince said...

We're all pretty serious when it comes to our kitties; pregnant or not!