Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Only thing that I know for sure is that I am happy because I love.

I love my wife with no restrictions and no conditions.
I love her without any limitations or second thoughts.

I love my Mother and my Father, I owe them for a lot more than my good looks. Right!

I love them because they taught me to value the Truth, the taught me to Love and they tought me to do good no matter what. They taught me to believe that good will always prevail over evil and that nothing remains secret forever, the truth always comes out. I love them because they are.

I love my family just because. I love that they teach me something new all of the time.

I Love my sister because she is a beautiful person. Inside and out. Enough said.

I love my friends because they make me happy, I truly enjoy to hear from you, if I consider you my friend is because you never bore me. Because I think I can learn from you and because I truly enjoy your company.

I know how corny this may sound but is the truth.

I am happy because I love my son. He's not even here yet. But I still Love you son.

This is all I know.

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